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Winners of the Young Writer Competition

Congratulations to all who entered the YW competition 2021.

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, The Story Knights, prizes were still possible this year.

In addition to trophies, certificates and book tokens winners also received a book from The Story Knights according to category – Max & Luchia (Y3-6), Jimmy Cricket (Y7-9) and The Objectors (Y10-12). Kevin shared photos of the prizes here.

Here are the winning stories from each category:

Years 3-6 

Rose Gregory

1st – Mona and the Chest of Colours – Rose Gregory at Kings Hawford

2nd – The God of lost headphones – Samantha Bryant at Franche Brownies, Kidderminster

3rd – When I went to Game Island (a story inspired by Max & Luchia!) – Tenzin Lee at Franche Brownies, Kidderminster

Years 7-9

Alistor Whaley

The Tale of Two Gods – Alistor Whaley – at Bishop Perowne

Alistor Whaley

Years 10-12

Daniel Tipple

1st – The World and I – Daniel Tipple at Blessed Edward

2nd – Good v Evil – Cerys Wright at Christopher Whitehead

Worcestershire LitFest & Fringe are very grateful to The Story Knights – proud, new sponsors of the Worcestershire Litfest Young Writer competition.

Photography by Jodie Stilgoe

The Story Knights – Kevin Brooke and Seraphim Bryant.


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